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08.19.2013 , 12:15 PM | #18
I think the dps have priority in most stances. but you have to remeber that if your dps out gear your tanks by alot they will take the agro from tanks easy making it much harder on the tanks and using more taunts wich could wipe the group if your tank doesnt have a taunt for the adds that come out or a tank swap etc...healers are all about the skill i would think...aslong as they are criting high i would save the gear for the tanks.....the way my guild does it is we start progression everyone rolls on teh item that drops...if you win a set bonus you cant roll on anymore set bonus items...ear implant offhand and mainhand still can roll on tho. when we finish that raid our raid leader writes down who got what and for the next raid people who didnt win a set bonus get priority no matter what they are (tank heal dps)