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The most important consideration for gear is giving it to people that have good attendance (with the caveat that they need to be competent, as in you aren't going to swap them out for a more competent player frequently). We've had several Kell Dragon relic winners not showing up to raids, and that is worse than healers getting them.

Once you get past that, it's very important to know the loot, since not all class loot is created equal, even in the same role. Here's a very brief look at how the tokens break down from a BiS standpoint (assuming no crit), not getting into specific stats:

Bracer - All players
Relic - All players
Boots - Sniper, Marauder, Sorc Healer, All Tanks
Helm - All Warriors, Sorc Healer, All Tanks (sniper, pt dps has alacrity enhancement)
Offhand - All players

Belt - All players
Implant - All players (with the caveat that some ACs used Verpine over UW in the previous tier and may have more to gain)
Ear - All players (same as implant)
Gloves - Marauder, Sorc Healer (no tanks - all alacrity enhancements, snipers also alacrity)
Legs - All players except Sorc Heals
Mainhand - All players
Chest - All players except Sorc Heals

Giving these tokens to only these players should benefit the most from a BiS progression standpoint, but you do need to factor attendence and performance, as better players tend to use their new gear more efficiently. One more rule, 16man Tanks generally need to get more gear, same with 8man heals.
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