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This is me not forgetting to post prompts!

Week of 8/16/2013
Play Within A Play (alternately titled My Immortal) - In a world where there are people, there are stories. And where there are stories, fandoms are likely to follow. And where fandoms go...well. Do any of your characters or their companions write fiction? Imagine what they would write in the way of thinly (or not at all) veiled fanfic. What stories do your characters tell about each other? (Keep it forum friendly, of course!) (I blame this prompt on kabeone.)
Too crackish? Try Paying the Piper: There might be a couple different meanings to this, but in the end nothing comes for free, and one's choices have costs and consequences. Write about a time your character had to pony up the payment...or end up on the receiving end. (Prompt courtesy of Kitar.)

And, as ever,
Night of the Living Prompt: Keep on using any prompt you like! Check out the list at
This week's featured NotLP:
Exploration - You could travel your whole life and not see all of Earth - so what about people who have an entire galaxy to explore? What new things have your characters uncovered along their journeys?
the Short Fic Weekly Challenge - 90+ authors to date. 2500+ stories. New prompts weekly!
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