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No need to get defensive, I appreciate the effort of putting this together and managing it. But for future reference "no one else would do it" is not a free pass from scrutiny. You obviously understand the responsibility of doing this and if the questions are annoying you can not do it. I know I'm not volunteering myself and if I did I can guarantee I'd screw it up. Keep up the good work it is appreciated.
Wasn't getting the defensive or dodging scrutiny. All I am saying is that we cannot come up with a system that pleases everyone. The 8-man guild community is much larger than the 16. In 16 you need to please at most 6 or 7 guilds. For 8 its 20. And that's just not possible.

My point is that Suckafish is not the official 8-man progression ranking guild. If anyone has a better system and wants to implement it for the next round of progression, you are welcomed to it. Just let us know beforehand so we don't put one together ourselves.
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