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Just to let you know, Walmart is not carrying SWTOR products in all markets. There are several Walmarts in my state that do not have the physical cards out for sale. You actually have to provide a Walmart employee with the UPC code to look up, and depending on the store they may provide you with either a Cartel Coin Card code or with an actual physical Cartel Coin card from the back. Why they don't simply have them out and accessible is beyond me and the employees are clueless unless you provide them with the UPC (same can be said for all the other stores carrying the Cartel Coin cards.) My suggestion is to call and check with multiple Walmarts, and ask employees to look up UPC/SKU # 079936604974 to see if they have it in stock. I hope this helps, and may the force be with you.
I did take the UPC/SKU to the Wal-mart employee. The the CC Card is a discontinued item. I have worked for Wal-mart in the past and know that if the system says the item is discontinued then it is discontinued at all Wal-marts. Otherwise the employee would simple be able to order some. If there are any Wal-marts still carrying any of these, it is only because they have not sold them yet. Wal-mart, as a whole, has discontinued the CC Card. Thus, my OP still stands.
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