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You're totally missing the point, the card from Gamestop is a completely different pet.

I agree with OP, a friend of mine has been trying to get the Walmart card for me without success. There's also the other pet that has never been available, the one that supposedly was going to be Target?? The Crested Orokeet.

As an avid Collector, the fact that Collections/Achievements are filled with unattainable items is incredibly frustrating. Pets, titles, outfits and crystals that cannot ever be obtained. Either give us a way to get them, or prune Collections!

That said, I totally disagree with Pancakesninja and I still love TOR. So I am gonna show that love by continuing to nag until things like this are fixed

I know it's a small thing, BW, but remember that a lot of your players care fanatically about stuff like this! I have had a hell of a time getting these pets as I don't live in the US or Europe. I now have 4/6 and I want the others please!

PS If anyone has a Walmart card not yet used, pls PM me. I will pay REAL MONEY
I'm not missing any point. My suggestion was to put a card in at gamestop. I know they already have one and I'm fully aware it's a different pet. However, the suggestion was to put a card in at gamestop that allows you to obtain the pet. Clearly you missed that.