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After searching tirelessly, it seems as though Wal-mart has inactivated their 2400 Cartel Coin Cards that offer a Gilded Flutterplume. (IE: They no longer carry this item.) In fact, the store in my area has clearanced out all of there SWTOR merchandise and the sales manager I spoke with tells me that this store location had never actually sold the CC Cards. The only place I find anything for SWTOR is on their website where you can get a copy of the game for $9.04 and a 60-Day Game Card for $23.36, however, NO CC Card w/Gilded Flutterplume. All other outlets such as eBay have this card available for sale either.

I have been a subscribing customer since launch. I have purchased several 5500 CC Packs from There are also several members of my guild that have been attempting to get the Wal-mart CC Card as well for several months now, two of which have spent more money on CC Packs then any one person should be allowed to spend imo. Now that we have discovered that Wal-mart no longer carries these cards, it appears these pets will no longer be obtainable.

It is my recommendation that another way to get the Gilded Flutterplume is offered. If EA's goal in offering this incentive at Wal-mart was to get people talking about SWTOR and going to Wal-mart, your marketing ploy is failing miserably. If an alternate means of achieving these type of incentives cannot or will not be offered, this may become the straw that breaks the camel's back for many guildies and myself. We are already very upset with your random junk system in all your cartel packs. There are also many aspects of game play that are bugged or otherwise imbalanced. It is sad to say, but it seems that SWTOR is quickly becoming a dead game and if EA has any hopes of keeping this game alive, they need to offer all of their incentives free of other company sponsorship, such as Wal-Mart and the Gilded Flutterplume.

I will finish by saying this, now that the Gilded Flutterplume is unattainable, either make it attainable again, along with other incentives of this sort, or start losing your player base, myself included.
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