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08.18.2013 , 05:19 AM | #15
We finally got a good group together, and noticed that our DPS was plenty, getting the dg's down right after 2nd lightning. So we decided to gear the healers first, even though they have enough heals right of the bat, it's a bit less stressing for them if they've got some 75 pieces. After they got some stuff, we're just prioritizing which gear to give to who, for instance boots from Operator IX are really good mod and enhancement for either of our 2 snipers, and the Head from Kephess is really good for our mara and jugg. It seems implants/earpieces/relics are the biggest upgrades for our 2 tanks atm, so we're gonna give those to them first. Just have a look at the gear vendors, and see which pieces bring the biggest upgrade for your squad atm
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