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08.18.2013 , 03:59 AM | #10
Hi all,

Just an update on my progress, and some extra info to help you identify success.

After creating many new accounts (probably approaching 20 by now) I finally got one to register as a referral. So this looks like an intermittent issue. This is probably coincidence but it was the only account i created where the birthday was not set to 1.1.XX (except the first try by my friend)

What you need to look for to confirm success is after the new account is validated it will take you to a big green message that says;

Congratulations, you've been successfully invited to play Star Wars: The Old Republic by USRNAME Jump in now and expedite your adventures with a complimentary Jumpstart Bundle, an exclusive gift waiting for you in your in-game mail!

If it failed you will just get a standard account validated message.

The player account name will also show up in your referral list and specify the number of days they have to subscribe before the offer expirs.

Now I have the friend on the new account sorted out, I am going to start working on referring the friend who already had a previously sub. If I succeeded I will share any info I find out.

Good luck guys. Hopefully we will receive an official update from BW soon.