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08.18.2013 , 03:30 AM | #12
Thanks for the input so far guys. Good to see some end game raiders all agreeing that "weapons obviously go to DPS first." and I'M not the problem for thinking so.

To clarify it IS a new loot system (original was the flat out roll system, one piece per run, we tended to toss it at someone if we knew someone else could benefit more) that we just started (well will start next week) and only applies to Kell Dragon, but even still. When he first mentioned it I was thinking "Ok, so X says the head is best in slot for them, Y says chest is, and we assign like that." But then he listed roles. And I was like "Ok, I can see that." And then he listed weapons to healers with a "Well you could argue any side...Tanks get more threat, healers more heals, DPS more damage." To which my reply was "Tanks can taunt themselves...they won't need it if they do their rotation right. Heals are wasted on over heals, DPS won't get over DPS."

Speaking of heals and amount of increase, does anyone know on average a main/off would increase heals vs how much it increases damage?