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I play a healing Sage in Severity Gaming. We've cleared 16m NiM Asation and 16m NiM S&V, both world first 16m. We cleared NiM Asation right before NiM S&V was released so we didn't have the 75 lvl gear from NiM S&V yet. Utilizing a form of loot council to gear a raid when new content with higher gear comes out is going to be dependent on the raid. We saw early on the healing was intensive in the NiM Dread Guard fight, while recognizing a tight enrage timer. Our raid dps is top notch and thus allowed us to consider gearing the healers and tanks a little bit first. I believe we gave the healers a few pieces and the tanks, but since we moved through the content rather quickly we were able to open up the loot to free roll pretty quickly. If I'm not remembering correctly it's because I raid for raiding, never been about the loot for me in SWTOR or my 5 or so years in WoW. So I don't pay much attention to loot, I just figure it will come eventually.

Our raid usually has 2 scoundrel and 2 sage healers and we felt the sage puddles were going to be very important for raid healing so we got a few set pieces. I believe next the tanks got a few set pieces for mitigation before it was opened up to free roll. The main and offhand are going to be the best upgrades for dps and healers because of the force power, tech power... If the tanks aren't having a problem with holding aggro then I would think the set pieces with higher stats and higher armor would be the most beneficial for them.

You have to consider the make up of your raid and what will be most beneficial. If your dps is not top notch then it may be important to get them their main hand and offhand first.