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operative will always win that fight, if played wrong, you can deploy orbitals in the back and not hit all 3, people like buffing numbers and not helping group, so i assume maybe with op healers u throwing all orbitals on top of everything + corrosive grenade hitting 3... for our first kills, including pre nerf (first real hard fight) we had tanks moving from orbitals at start, and sniper orbital in transition, so we didnt buff other bosses at all.... you should be finishing heirad between 3.4-3.8k if doing that, sniper 3.3k or something, mara 3k and merc 2.7-2.8k... then with movement mara will lose more dps, snipers numbers will go down since no AoE Buff, and op running around depends on luck... merc should stay constant 2.5k or something.
That makes it sound a bit better. I was wondering if there was something about the first phase that the Operative/Sniper were usually well ahead of the merc. We don't tend to pad the numbers with hitting each since we're working on our first kill (no need to make it harder by buffing them) but even still Marader/Sniper tend to be back and forth, I tended to be top, but the merc was way behind me for that fight. I was wondering if it was something with mercs in that fight or something normal. 2.7-2.8k vs 3.4-3.8k is a 1k difference which is about where it tends to be when we run it. Usually about 600-700, but it did hit a 1k once.

Thanks by the way for that answer. I was kinda surprised each time in TORparse since it SEEMED (from my limited merc knowledge) to be no problem. Pop a tracer and that's all the build up they need (rest is self buffs, not debuffs). While target swapping for Operative requires two GCDs of dots being put back up vs one tracer.

Edit: Misread that. Those numbers were with AoE cheating (makes me feel better since I don't hit that high single target)