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So, my guild has decided on a new gearing method for the raid. While I'm fine with new gearing methods, I'm a bit worried this is going to be stupid. In short, they assign based on benefits of the raid. Sounded cool, but then came the terrible logic of 'Sure a chest would be great for the tank, but a squishy DPS taking less damage during AoEs would be better'. I went "what?" And "Ok, the off hand would help a healers heal and then the DPS." (Because enrage timer isn't an issue when I'm carrying someone who is 500-1000 DPS behind <.< )

As such, I would like it if people in full or mostly Kell Dragon and those that do Nightmare Raiding at the end level would provide a few basic answers.

I doubt the raid leader will listen, but hoping with enough end game raiders he might. If possible list your class, guild, progression etc. I figure more information the better.

First off, for those doing Nightmare raiding

Q: If you were assigning pieces to roles, how would you do it? Example: A main hand drops and you want the most benefit to the raid, who do you give it too? A chest drops? Etc. (Weapons are the key question here, but list whatever)

For those in full Kell Dragon:

Q: As a DPS what's your DR and class? Knowing this can show how minimal a difference the armor rating makes. I pointed out that my gunslinger in level 35 gear has 18% vs a sniper in full 72s with 22%, but I figure a 55 in Kell Dragon vs our 55s in Underworld would be nice to have the numbers.

Q: Healers, how huge a difference was going from 72 barrel/hilt/offhand/mainhand to a 75 one? For DPS, how huge a difference was it?

Mainly, as a whole I'm curious what you all view the gearing priority as. I'm pretty sure I know the answers, but I think a bunch of people all agreeing (if a consensus was reached) would be more convincing then one DPS going "Uhhhh...I don't need a chest its hardly any DR and DR isn't my job."
thats interesting, Prioritizing gear is fine, its being smart, now it requires two things"group deciding what to prioritize" and TeamWork players, also there are many ways to do Loot.

What we do is: we basically Do all the Rolls for the whole operation before we start... i start bracer roll (bracer/belt anything shadowed are free rolls) everyone roll... relic (dps - then tank first) -boots... limiting persons to 1 win per week.

We obviously prioritized OH/MH to dps - then heals... Relics to Dps Then Tanks... dps probably the most important for two things, normally healers can get use of many shadowed pieces, because they can use crit (besides the healers that dont like it, thats their own style) but all in my guild does, so yeah... Tanks can improve from shadowed pieces as well, since they drop good mods/ enhance + OH more often, 174 DPS armoring > 168 until you can get the right armoring For Offhand.... where for dps theres only 1 type of item that drops power / surge enhancement and healers can roll for it too, and even if they win set pieces, most come with awful stuff, so for a full 14 pieces set, u need to win like 18 stuff as DPS.

we basically go until 8 people win something need.. then start doing free rolls on the extra stuff since there are 10 drops, so two people win 2 weekly.... At this point of the content, where all my raiders are 11-13/14 KD gear BIS, we Allow everyone to "ask" for an item, so before we do the Rolls, i ask who wants something, lets say i just need 2 relics, i call relic, if someone else needs TWO relics and calls for it we /roll for it, otherwise its mine... someone ONLY needs implant, same thing, that way majority of the people win the stuff they NEED the most, and majority of the time, everyone wins what they need, without prioritizing anyone over someone, and being unselfish.

in my point of view, in this game, dps should be the first geared always... healers are mostly skills, you will hardly "need" gear as a healer to be good, our healer have healed with her alt merc full nim tfb with 150-69s arkanian and non optimized set bonuses, just as good as she does with her main, everyone survives, gear helps, but not needed.
For a tank, all armorings its a 1-2% AT MOST dmg reduction increase, i will say it is more around the 1%, and the ratings its probably 1-1.5% improve on shield/absorb/defense, this is an important improve, but again, you can live without it... as my own experience too, ive tanked with a ssin with 150 set bonus armorings 69s/72s mix Pre (2nd nerf) DG and killed, same way my PT with blue augments tanked full Both operations, if healers are good, you wont notice difference.
Now for dps the problem is, improving 100-200 dps is huge, having 600+ dps from 4 dps improving 150.. its huge for most fights since normally enrage timers are the hard part, also faster dps help fights like, Warlods, Super intense Phase 1 healing, normally is harder if phase is 2.5 mins long... if its 1min45sec long, its a lot less to heal, thx to your deeps.

hope that helps, also on a side note, its NEVER smart (in my opinion) to prioritize gearing the "worst" dps in your group, you can do two things, recruit someone else, or help him (if hes really under performing), but if lets say you are 2 snipers, one doing 2600 other doing 2000.... then when he gets 5-6 pieces of 174 he starts doing the numbers u were doing with 168 gear, its bad, hes under performing, you should NEVER prioritize a bad player with gear over someone better to help him improve to "decent" numbers because his skills cant, thats stupid, you should reward your best dps so he can improve more from upgrades and do awesome numbers... a bad dps will improve 50dps with new gear since hes being bad, a good dps will improve 150... 2000 / 2750 is better than 2050 / 2600 each ... everyone should be able to win gear, but, if you deciding between giving something to the good vs bad dps, give to the good, hes the one helping you progress, not the one holding group back....

PD: consider bad someone thats under performing for his class, you cant compare lets say, sorc vs mara dps, sorc doing 200-300 less in a fight is not under performing, now if u have two snipers one doing 500 less, or something like that, thats the problem.
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