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Our group did it like this:

Mainhand: dps (based on biggest upgrade then a roll-off for any ties - ie. 2 dps have 72 barrels, 2 dps have 69s. the 69s would roll for the 75) > heals > tanks
Offhand: dps that use offhand barrels/hilts > other dps > heals > tanks
Implants/Earpieces: tanks (if it is BiS for that class) > dps (based on BiS) > heals
Relics: Tanks (until they have their 2) > heals (1 BiS for each healer) > dps
Set pieces: Tanks > heals 2-piece > dps 2-pieces > heals > dps
Belt/Brace: Tanks > dps > heals

That was a VERY general guide we used. We did look to see the BiS pieces. For example, if we had pants drop, we'd check three things. If the tanks had their set bonuses, we checked the healers. If the healers have their 2-piece, we go to the dps. If the dps have their 2-pieces, we get the healers their 4-piece. If there are two people looking at the same piece (both healers need their 2-piece and neither have pants), we will see if the pants are BiS for a specific class to maximize the upgrade. If all things are equal, we have a roll among the 2-4 members that qualify for the piece.

My group was pretty chill about gear though. If there were any disputes, the raid leader would simply take the piece and RE it for schematics (and mats pre-2.0.)