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In my opinion, DPS are the most important to gear first. Healing is largely dependent on the skill of the healer and while better gear makes healing easier (which is granted), DPS walls will be hit and can be solved in very few ways.
1. Drop the lower DPS in your group. This is usually the best, but most awkward stance to take. Finding quality, night-mare level DPS for an ops group is usually impossible. The simple reason? They're usually already in another guild/ops group.
2. Change strats. Things like taking 5 DPS to HM TC, or tanking dash'roode against the pillar/clickable shield are things you can do. This is isn't always an option.
3. Improve the DPS already in your group. This is usually the option that most people would take. Either gear up your core DPS further or get better at their DPS class. At a certain point though, the second option is not possible.

Personally, I've seen our progression group do fantastically on mechanics and the fight itself and then hit some sort of enrage. Does giving healers or tanks better gear solve this? Take this from the perspective of someone who has healed, tanked and is DPSing progression. Having higher DPS tends to make general mechanics easier. Take Stormcaller and Firebrand for example. Having the DPS to get only one Double Destruction makes all of the difference. Take a more recent fight like Titan 6. If you have the DPS to be able to pause DPS and heal up the raid/DPS adds, your options are much broader.

Now, all of that being said, if your raid group had much MORE than enough DPS, then there isn't as much need to gear your DPS.

To answer one of your particular questions though, a healer or tank should NEVER get a mainhand before the DPS. The sheer benefit that they get isn't comparable.
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