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So, my guild has decided on a new gearing method for the raid. While I'm fine with new gearing methods, I'm a bit worried this is going to be stupid. In short, they assign based on benefits of the raid. Sounded cool, but then came the terrible logic of 'Sure a chest would be great for the tank, but a squishy DPS taking less damage during AoEs would be better'. I went "what?" And "Ok, the off hand would help a healers heal and then the DPS." (Because enrage timer isn't an issue when I'm carrying someone who is 500-1000 DPS behind <.< )

As such, I would like it if people in full or mostly Kell Dragon and those that do Nightmare Raiding at the end level would provide a few basic answers.

I doubt the raid leader will listen, but hoping with enough end game raiders he might. If possible list your class, guild, progression etc. I figure more information the better.

First off, for those doing Nightmare raiding

Q: If you were assigning pieces to roles, how would you do it? Example: A main hand drops and you want the most benefit to the raid, who do you give it too? A chest drops? Etc. (Weapons are the key question here, but list whatever)

For those in full Kell Dragon:

Q: As a DPS what's your DR and class? Knowing this can show how minimal a difference the armor rating makes. I pointed out that my gunslinger in level 35 gear has 18% vs a sniper in full 72s with 22%, but I figure a 55 in Kell Dragon vs our 55s in Underworld would be nice to have the numbers.

Q: Healers, how huge a difference was going from 72 barrel/hilt/offhand/mainhand to a 75 one? For DPS, how huge a difference was it?

Mainly, as a whole I'm curious what you all view the gearing priority as. I'm pretty sure I know the answers, but I think a bunch of people all agreeing (if a consensus was reached) would be more convincing then one DPS going "Uhhhh...I don't need a chest its hardly any DR and DR isn't my job."