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Just went through an entire FP, not a single piece of gear dropped for my class, out of the 4 or 5 drops. How is it that this game has been out now for well over a year and this **** still happens?

It wouldn't be such a big deal if I had more time to waste, but I have a very limited window to play in. I'd like my freaking hour in a FP to atleast pay off
If you were with three other classes, then each class's gear has an equal chance of dropping. That makes it (3/4)^4 = 32% that none of the four drops will be yours, or 24% if there are five drops.

If you are with two other classes, there's still a chance for the missing class's gear to drop, but it's lower than the ones that are present. I forget how it works exactly. So it would be a little more likely than (2/3)^4 = 20% that none of four drops would be yours in that case, or 13% for five drops.

In all cases, these are things that will happen a good percentage of the time.