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We were actually 6th , just seems weird that the 6th guild in the world to clear it gets ranked in 9th for the instance, feel it would be hard to justifiably explain that as 6th 7th and 8th place havent even completed the instance.
DnT killed it 2 weeks ago just didn't post. Yes its weird, but there is no point in fixing the flaw at this given time. I just had a issue with the work suckafish does for the swtor community and you guys aren't happy because you are ranked in the wrong spot. Like I mentioned before points are silly only thing that matters are the dates it was killed and who killed it.

Quote: Originally Posted by xBeldin View Post
So what is the point of this at all if there isn't validation? Validation implies validity and this sheet is not valid so how about you continue to call me silly and not add to the conversation.

Its for fun and for those who like to compete to compete. Everyone knows when you guys killed it may not be reflected in a spreadsheet but you were the 7th kill and thats that. Like carl posted someone could go kill everything this week and have the #8 kill of stryak and that would matter not the X amount of points to said guild name.

I see your point and agree with it don't get me wrong it does need to be fixed but not now its pointless and probably not until the next NM patch should it be addressed.

I just didn't like you guys complaining it needed to be reworked when suckafish does it for the community and gets nothing but grief in return.