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08.16.2013 , 05:44 PM | #364
agree with you, but either way, she will fix it with either adding two columns more to solve problem or something else, but i do see your problem, like ive said, points are for the top 3-4 guilds depending how many clear first week, it has an importance on the top 4-5 considering kills were 1-2 days of each others + titles gave point boost so its "comparable" once you start adding kills that are 1-2-3 weeks behind first, it really lose its point, i saw a boss that gave 50 points only vs 630 lol, a group might do his first run today and clear 7/7 in one night, still be World 7th clear and be like 14th ranking for points deficit, so unless you are in the actual 1-2 days difference competition on the top of the rankings where it does make sense, points should not worry you, you are 6th, the people that "matters" knows it .
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