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The Queen of Sands... Catchdeathwalker was onto something when people were stalking him in the outlaws den. can't believe it was there, neglected, for so long and so little people knew about it. I have my doubts now about the way he obtained the white crystal. Popular rumor is that he tricked CS agent with a ticket. But if he found all this information about the queen, buffs, the tome and spent hours in the area... Mind you, it was like back in January or February 2012. Bet he was doing datamining and extra nasty stuff which managed to get him the crystal.
My thoughts exactly. I always speculated, that he obtained the crystal from a boss that wasn't supposed to be summoned. And the ways you have to use to get to the roof of the building would suggest, that it wasn't Biowares intention that anyone would reach it at all.

I think, that Bioware didn't care about deactivating that certain boss, because everyone thought, that no one's able to reach him. Wrong conclusion, and after they have been proven wrong, they deactivated the thing completely. That theory would fit with Biowares accusation of achieving the crystal by illegitimate means.

Catchdeathwalker also mentioned Tatooine and Hoth. Some said he was lying, but maybe he was right all along. The puzzle on Tatooines Outlaws Den maybe connected to Hoth in some way. Frankly, i have no idea, it's all speculation on my part. But i'd like to think, that the ancient tome puzzle (if it is a puzzle) and Catchdeathwalkers story have the same origin.