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Hey PvPers! I am going to be in this thread all day responding to your questions and feedback. I will get to as many posts as I can but I won’t get to them all. Hope yall enjoy the blog post!


I need to know, we all need to know ..

Why are you not implenting crossrealms ?! why why why?
You cant actually believe that removing rwz 8vs8 and implenting 4v4 dm only will fix this pvp community .. dear god.
I'm happy among many others that your actually is bringing new content and style to pvp, but removing something that actually has been highly apreciated by many just like that, is not a good thing.

By fixing crossrealms, problem would be solved with rwz, players and guilds dont have to transfer to the same pvp server just to be able to get rwz ques etc ..

Why Alex, why ?