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Curious, your group composition what is it? Also does your raid let the adds soak up all your aoe? that could probably account for the huge DPS margin you have. what i can see is that each titan probe "phase"

1) the tank taunts em and puts em underneath the boss -> ideal
2) incendiary grenade on the ground
3) flyby ticks at least 2-3 times
4) roll - reset - roll (if applicable)
(adds are usually dead by or before the 3rd tick, but after the 2nd)

pretty standard aoe rotation. your flyby ticks really hard for i can see a 7872 crit tick right there! tasty. lol
For that kill there were me, a full dirty fighting gunslinger, a watchman sentinel and a sage (full balance I believe, possibly hybrid). And yes, after launch we all stack up behind the boss, so unless somebody is arriving late to the aoe fest all of the adds go down pretty fast).
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