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Increasingly the market is hostile to attempts to force this propaganda and misandrist ideology upon it.
So the hordes of female dancers don't bother you, the female sex slaves don't worry you, the nobleman on Alderaan who wants to rape a woman doesn't bother you, but one male dancer, not even all that racy, and some comments from Treek that a male bounty hunter could just as easily have made, that prompts a ballistic reaction? I'm a feminist, and not a misandrist. I'm not interested in bashing men. I don't get more interested in a game just because they throw in a male stripper. However, having one male stripper is not male bashing, just an acknowledgement that in the real world, male strippers do exist, and women do watch them. It does make me happy that Bioware understands I'm a customer too. They show this by writing interesting female characters, not by adding one male stripper. And no, women gamers are not some tiny insignificant minority that should be ignored because a few guys can't handle a shirtless Twilek dude table dancing. How is this any different than having tons of female dancers in the game? Why on earth would any guy feel driven away by this, unless he's seriously threatened by women being interested in sexy entertainment?