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Mach 5 Massacre

An In-Depth Analysis of Sith Marauders

A Helpful Guide by Kiba


Hello and thank you for reading this guide. This is the first time I've done something like this so try to go easy on me, however I'm open to any criticism or suggestions on how to improve it. My goal is to create a resource for the Marauder community so we don't turn into 'that' class where only a small fraction of the community knows what they're doing.

From my experience thus far Marauders are quite easy to pick up but fairly difficult to master. There's a lot going on and a lot to watch so my plan is to try to spell out exactly what to do to make it easier for people to acquire the skill to truly **** things up as Marauders can.

I am writing this guide assuming you, the reader, are familiar enough with MMO/gaming jargon that I don't need to define terms and spell out acronyms. If you are not familiar with any commonly used terms I suggest finding another term dictionary/resource as you will not find one here.

What's a Marauder?

Marauders are the dual-wielding (and thus superior) brother of the Juggernaut in the Sith Warrior family. Unlike our bulky brother we have no Tanking/Damage Taking capability and therefore rely on precise, powerful strikes to take down our foes.

- Great damage
- Easy to learn/Difficult to master mechanics
- Ability to choose from two different forms of damage dealing (direct or over-time)
- Can off-tank to some extent
- Good mobility when available
- Provides 15% damage/healing increase to entire group (5min CD)
- 50% move speed increase/10% defense increase to group on no CD (save for re-generating Fury)
- 90% Accuracy debuff for 6sec on 60sec CD
- Two lightsabers

- Damage relies on constant monitoring of skill CDs, Rage, incoming Rage and Fury
- Easy to learn/Difficult to master mechanics
- Mobility is limited and comes to a halt while on CD
- Squishy when our CDs are down
- Lack of innate control in PvP
- Melee DPS suffers from movement, close-range AoE damage, and any time off a boss
- Since two lightsabers is obviously superior, you're going to be focused down/snared/knocked back/controlled
- ^ Partially true, however it will be because your damage can be ridiculous if left unchecked

Talent Overview

We have three talent trees each providing a different style of damage dealing to more better customize playing experience:

If you enjoy making your target bleed to death while charging from point blank Annihilation will probably be the spec for you. Focused around the Juyo tree, you'll be hitting harder and causing your enemies to hemorrhage in front of your eyes while constantly pressing the attack with Charge. This aggressive style is most commonly found in Dark-Side users and a notable practitioner is none other than Darth Maul.

Carnage, on the other hand, is all about direct damage. You won't be participating in any set-it-and-forget-it combat: instead every button press will focus on dealing direct damage and will almost directly fall into the next ability like a dance. This spec is based around the Ataru form, combining skill with a weapon and fluid, acrobatic motions with the Force to overpower your foe through superior maneuverability. Notable practitioners include Qui-gon Jinn and Yoda.

Last but not lease, Rage is a spec based around mobility and enemy control and, for that reason, will more than likely fall into the PvP spec of choice but can also do fine in the PvE setting as well. Shared with Juggernauts, Rage gives us another short range charge (Obliterate) and some perks to using the ever popular Force Choke. The quintessential ability of Rage, though, is the incredibly buffed Smash. This spec revolves around the Shii-Cho form, the first form available to all Sith Warriors. It focuses around balance and is often known as a tutorial form to lightsaber combat. Notable practitioners of Shii-Cho are Luke Skywalker and Kit Fisto.


If you are Annihilation you should (read: need to) be in Juyo form.

If you are Carnage you should (read: need to) be in Ataru form.

If you are Rage you should (read: need to) be in Shii-Cho form.

Each of these specs is focused around its specific form, no questions asked. There is no reason/need/etc to change forms during berserk or for any other reason. You lose all stacks of Fury and all Rage when you switch forms. On top of that, each spec has specific talents which give benefits for being in their respective form. Not taking advantage of those benefits is just stupid and you should probably play another class if you don't understand this.


Weapon and Force Attacks

At this point there is no indication in game what constitutes a weapon or Force attack. Logic prevails on most of them, however after testing in the Marauder community the results are quite surprising. This distinction is important for math involving the Malice talent in Rage. At this point, these are where it's believed our abilities fall:

Weapon Attacks
Rupture (Initial Damage)
Battering Assault
Vicious Throw
Sweeping Slash
Deadly Throw
Crippling Slash
Force Charge
Vicious Slash

Force Attacks
Rupture (DoT)
Force Choke
Pommel Strike
Cloak of Pain
Force Scream
Deadly Saber
Force Crush
Savage Kick
Ataru Form Procs


Put simply, we have one melee DPS companion, one ranged DPS companion, one ranged Tank, one melee Tank and one ranged DPS/Healer. The average player will find playing with the healer, while slower, will be a lot less of a headache. To go into more detail (do not read if you want to be spoiled, you meet your future companions before they join up and reading below may spoil what happens in your story):


Don't Steal My ****

If you want to re-post this PM me or hit me up in game and be sure to cite your source.


2/14/2012 - Updated Surge diminishing return soft cap for 1.1.3 levels.
2/ 8/2012 - Updated Rage talent allocations due to derp.
2/ 7/2012 - Added Rage guide; updated Rage section of main post.
2/ 4/2012 - Updated Carnage/Annihilation Stat Priorities with Crit/Surge DR Information
1/29/12 - Updated Carnage Gore priorities.