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08.15.2013 , 12:32 PM | #1
So it's now been nearly a week since the new RAF came out and it seems Customer Service still hasn't got a handle on this issue. People have reported that Bioware is aware of this issue and it is being investigated. Others, myself included have had our ingame tickets closed telling us it's working as intended.

What seems to be the issue here is that previously subscribed 'friends' regardless of how long they have been unsubscribed are automatically flagged as 'not eligible'. states that previous players are eligible if they had not been been a subscriber in the last 90 days. Since that is the ONLY real stipulation, the problem obviously lies somewhere around that in your code.

Could we get a real acknowledgement and/or update on this issue from customer service? Here are some threads related to this issue.

This is a big deal, you are trying to get new AND returning customers and their first experience back is nothing but bugs? My friend wants to give you his money, to sub, buy expansion and play with me, but he wants the free character transfer from RAF before he does so. If this takes too long he is apt to throw his arms up and just be done with it. I would think of all things you would be wanting to "fix" in this game is the part that should be bringing more customers and money into your pockets. This should have been a top priority fix...not something that has gone untouched for a week with Customer Service Representatives closing our tickets telling us that the system is working as intended. Either your website is wrong or CS is wrong in those cases. Because a free character transfer would be kind of silly for a new player right?