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08.14.2013 , 10:21 AM | #106
I think all these changes are for the best and will make the PVP scene alot more enjoyable for us.

HOWEVER, the main problem with PVP in TOR is open world PVP. That is where I'd like to see changes.
Right now, theres absolutly no advantage in doing open world PVP. We get nothing (except annoying people) by engaging players out in the open world. There's no commendation or valor reward for killing a player of the same (or close to) level than ours. While I understand this would be fine for PVE servers, it shouldnt be for PVP servers.

And also, Its been well over a year. Time to bring back the damn chat bubbles no?? I still remember the sad comment "When we turned chat bubbles on there was major graphics lag so we took them down.".
Sounds to me like they needed to get fixed, not taken down. I mean, other games can do it. Bioware cant?

Just my two cents.