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08.14.2013 , 10:20 AM | #104
1) Why remove functionality that is already in place (8v8 ranked) no matter how few people are using it? I mean, you wouldn't start pulling NiM Operations and have a SM Operation/FP queue with a separate group/individual HM FP queue if there was a small segment of the population participating in NiM Operations. I'm sure just as few people do the heroics on Taris, but they aren't getting pulled from the game.

2) Why are arenas and 8v8 in the same reg queue? While they both pit players against each other, they are very different styles. This is why you have the ability to queue for either FPs or Operations in the group finder queue.

Also, you'll never get the map you want. You'll have a 1/10 chance of getting the new Huttball map when it comes out since everything is one queue. And you'll still probably have 6 Hypergates in a row instead.
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