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Hi Alex, I have a couple of questions. Apologies if these have been asked or answered before, I couldn't see them in what I've read. (And I see there have been some new answers since I started writing!)

Firstly, you said in a previous post that you'll be keeping the 10-29, 30-54 and 55 brackets for Arenas. How will this work in terms of Ranked matches? Will the 10-29 and 30-54 brackets be considered "Non-Ranked" Arenas or will sub-55 players now be able to participate in Ranked?

Secondly, how will a player's role be determined? Is it going to be a system similar to Group Finder, where you declare your role? Or will it be based off of Skill Tree distribution, gear, stances when applicable, etc.? I only ask since I can think of some hybrid instances when someone heavily invested in a Damage tree could actually be geared and "stanced" for Tanking. E.g. Defense/Vigilance hybrid.

In regards to having a Solo and Group queue: big thumbs up! One concern that has been raised in discussion with other players though is whether Queue-Synching could be an issue. Is anything done in the match-making process to avoid 4 players of the right team composition being able to synchronise and get a Solo-Queued Arena together? Or does internal testing show that this just won't happen due to the nature of the queue algorithm?

Finally, can we queue for both 4v4 Arenas and regular 8v8 Warzones (non-Ranked) at the same time or do we need to choose one or the other?

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