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Of course! We are going to pay close attention to what builds and classes players are leaning towards and away from on PTS. If something comes up we will take appropriate action.
Op/Scoundrel heals and Smash have been over played for how long in 8v8? Why should we believe that "appropriate action" will take place now?

We have discussed this and we might do this at some point but not for 2.4. A lot more considerations need to be made for this to work.
You are taking away the ability to respec when queuing to join a RANDOMLY composed team... Have you played on a team of 4 healers, 3 tanks, and 1 dps? it's not fun, and it already happens all the time... now we dont even have to option to fix it. Why did I spend my CC on field respec for all of my toons?

The same thing that is happening with Ranked 8v8 will happen with Ranked 4v4. The optimal team comp will be the only thing people queue up with.

And as for solo queuing 4v4 using a role based system.. How likely is it going to be to get teamed up with the same people over and over?
I may not be the best player, but if I am getting teamed up with dps that can't put up more than 200dps, why am I going to keep playing?
At least with 8v8, you can carry a few sub-par players. But 4v4 solo queue will be a nightmare.