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12.23.2011 , 01:25 AM | #10
Just wanted to chime in that my wife and I had the same experience. Looked at Esseles, saw two player recommend and decided to go. I'm Sage, she's Guardian, we both made sure to have all our stuff trained up, figured level 11 was more than enough, got some better gear off the auction house, and headed in. Had meds, had stims, had buffs. We breezed through it, literally murdered everything in sight within seconds. Got to Ironfist and struggled to get him down to 10% before we died.

We tried using companion taunts, tried without companion taunts. Tried taking out adds, tried burning him, ignoring adds. Everytime we made sure to keep running when he did his rocket launcher deal. I'm hammering range dps and throwing heals in between. Nothing works. Gets to 10% and he kills us. Everytime. And we banged our heads against this wall to the point of insanity before we gave up and logged off. I'm all for challenges and figuring things out but this was just stupid.

Before logging, I asked the guild about it and basically they all did it either at higher level or having someone run them through it. Some suggested getting to 13 or 14 for taunt and better powers.

Seems silly to have something that is seemingly your first instance, that is also a transition to your next location, when you can't do it without getting to that location and getting better gear, more levels, and having more people. Or saying it's two person when it's really 4 person. It's basically misinformation about the expectations of this instance.

Good moral booster, too, for someone expecting one thing then getting something unpleasant instead. Kinda killed my evening.