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Of course! We are going to pay close attention to what builds and classes players are leaning towards and away from on PTS. If something comes up we will take appropriate action.
I believe this is specifically the concern multiple class reps will have. BH/Troopers are mostly unwanted for the current warzones, I'd hate to see the situation get worse. The other classes have at least 1 viable/wanted spec - however for arenas, I see this dwindling.

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We have discussed this and we might do this at some point but not for 2.4. A lot more considerations need to be made for this to work.
I definitely implore your team to work on this soon. Even if its 1 healer slot, maximum 2 healer slots, it would rapidly fix many frustrations (Tank is nice, but truly optional - also not well understood how to play by most people in tank spec). Is there some sort of fruit basket or cake we can send your office to get this accomplished faster?

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We have tried this and the HP amount and knockbacks didn't give them a significant advantage over other tools that other classes have. Since the gas deals damage based off of health percentage and goes through defenses having more HP doesn't directly mean you can last longer in the gas.
Well in this case, my concern is not for the gas killing the sins, but more of the other team being unable to kill the tank sins before the tank sins and the gas kill them. Has this been well experimented with?
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