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You are delusional in the sense that my goal is to drive you away fanboy . In fact I immensely enjoy the game and I am a regular player.

Second, this is criticism not whining but for fanboys like you every criticism is whining. Same delusion in the last 15 years of MMOs. You think that just because we criticize something we should shut up, don't play and don't state our opinions on forums. Who are you to think so hımm? Voluntary crowd control slave for forums, ultimate teenage mentality.

And you ARE delusional in the sense that you don't care and yet you post a reply. I welcome opinions but not bias. Let opinions fill the forum. Not personal bias or attacks. Lol! And he thinks just because he replied like this he won the argument. He never saw a long post...

BTW this reply is a courtesy to all fanboys and you will not get anymore answers from me for this polemic. But this will not stop me of stating my opinions now or in the future. So shoo!
I like you Great reply!!!!
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