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First of all, you ddin't mention ANY balance changes coming to support your new systems. You have to know internally that some classes are barely being used because they are less viable as dps. Now that you make arena's a simple deathmatch without map elements like fire to instakill people it's gonna make for the fact that pure utlitily over dps isn't that viable anymore for us PvPers. So you need to bring dps / tanks / heals within the same range or as close to possible so some AC's don't feel left out.
If you think utility has no place in arenas then you've never done arenas. And yeah, he didn't announce balance changes, that's completely not the point of this blog post. Read what's there.

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Second of all, we have no indication leaderboards are coming? You're still not gonna introducde systems that make competing vs eachother fun and interesting?
I am curious about the leaderboard system, hopefully they'll give more information there.

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Third of all, you're getting rid of 8v8 ranked wz's which alot of teams actually enjoyed, and even admit not having the systems to support it being a fun way of doing PvP in the game. You know how you can increase the PvP population? BY INTRODUCING CROSS SERVER Q's for ranked play. Yes it's something the PvP community has asked for for ages and no the PvP community on a per server basis still isn't near big enough to make competing fun and challenging (and not a pure facestomp for some teams or utter defeat for others). Please Alex, PLEASE give us cross server q so the PvP population pool is bigger and the competitve scene will thrive.
See my earlier post, nobody cares about RWZs. And yes, cross-server would have helped, but cross-server ping issues in PvP in SWTOR don't sound like anything I'd care to experience and I'm sure is a big part of the reason they haven't been implemented.

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Thirdly I applaud the way you have introduce a system as to not drag out arena matches needlessly, but something I want to address though: does the gass eventually cover the entire playing field, or does it end up funneling you into a small part of the field and you still have to fight it out eventually? The former would make more sense as to not draw out matches beyond a certain timepoint (which for now, is as you say 5 minutes). 3 different warzones is fun but you have to realize if ultility plays less a role in this (in the form of pushbacks, cc, hardcc, pulls, etc) because of no map elements that you can stun people in to kill them more rapidly, again you need to consider balance alot more and give it a higher priority because right now you haven't mentioned anything about it.
DOUBLE THIRDLY IN HEEYAH. But decent question on the sudden death mechanic, and again if you think utility has no place in arenas you need to actually play arenas.

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Fourthly, I pray to god you're still working on a PVE/PVP hybrid warzone where you combat eachother with vehicles (or turrets or whatever) to promote the all-out battle feel Star Wars fans know and love. A new warzone & arena map going forward is not enough for the PvP community to look forward to, although it is a very good start of course. But seeing as the arena maps are more about the LoS elements and maybe some dimensions in terms of lower/higher I don't think it takes long for the dev team to introduce a new arena setting, having players test it on the PTS to get rid of imbalances of course.

Fifthly, I hope we can still look forward to space PvP aswell.
According to datamined patch files: yes on PvEvP WZ, yes on PvP space assets. Not to say that those will ever be released to the light of day, but they're partly in there.

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I thank you enormously for the work you've done so far and hope the resource effort on BW's part will still be there to support the PvP aspect of this game. Alex believe me when I say this I hope you have the freedom and resources to do what you know this game needs.