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You mention about increasing the rewards for winning but I think one of the key reasons why people bail on Warzones is due to the small rewards when losing.

I am a firm believer that losers should never be rewarded but due to the nature of this game, I think that a minimum pay out of say 100 Warzone coms should be introduced because the grind is great.

I am almost certain that this will help see a drop in quitters. The other night, I lost and I was only given 67 coms as the battle was a heated one and went on for ages. Our team suffered 7 leavers. Essentially it was 15 minutes of pain for just 67 coms.

I'm still not convinced that Arenas is the way forward but the last man standing rounds kind of removes my fear now as its a fight to the death, which is better.

Will players be locked in? So if 2 players die quickly, then 1 leaves, will they have a de-buff? Or will ALL players be locked in for the entire duration of the 3 rounds? Something I would favour.

Over to you Alex
Honestly people leaving losing WZs is a mystery to me. At that point you've already taken the time to queue, join, and wait the pre-game and play the game to a point where you believe you won't be winning. Why not stick it out at that point, try to get eight medals, get your losing comms, and get another notch on your daily? Especially if it's a hard loss, because that will be over pretty quickly.

I don't know, I think the rewards for a lost WZ are just right. I'd be fine with a deserter debuff with a 15 minute CD on new WZ games if that was implemented, but I don't care too much either way.