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Nice can't wait, BTW I noticed a typo:

"Giradda currently has three Arenas of Death set up for his pleasure on Corellia, Tatooine, and an Orbital Station; each one presenting a different layout that will require varying techniques and strategies to master. The Arenas are small, intimate and made specifically for a 4v4 fight. The Line of Sight blockers, elevations and killing fields have been fought over for months to make sure we get them just right. The goal with the areas is never to have players fight with the environment so things like firetraps, pools of acid and other hazardous environmental effects will not be present in the Arena maps. We feel this makes the true focus of Arenas, player-versus-player combat, stand out more and feel more genuine."

Where it says Corellia don't you mean Makeb?

EDIT: Are there going to be new ranked items, possibly a mount?