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12.13.2011 , 02:44 PM | #6403
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WAKE UP people have planned their lives around this. BIOWARE spent millions of dollars trying to get our attention and don't deliver and all you can say is go some where else.

Wake up
Yup go somewhere else. Not BW's fault you take off work for a GAME. You avoid your family...for a GAME...You instead come on here acting like you are entitled. You people are pathetic! Grow up. If you took a day off work for a pre-launch that you weren't sure you would be getting in on, then that's your own fault and NOT that of BW. GROW UP!!!! If you have a job you are old enough to understand this point and GROW UP!!! Get the point yet? It's sad and pathetic that the CE elitists think because they paid more, no matter WHEN they pre-ordered that this ALSO entitles them to more than the cosmetic stuff they got because they feel a need to justify their stupidity in buying something for 150 bucks USD that they could have gotten for the 60 bucks USD that would grant them the same day access based upon when they entered in their preorder code! Again...GROW UP NOOBS!!!!!!!!!! Pathetic, ungrateful, sad basement dwellers get a life!