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Mr. Karpyshyn is not the only author to (supposedly) mistreat a character that his not his own creation. Remember how poorly Mr. Miller depicted Malak in his comics? In addition, remember that Ms. Traviss killed off Mara in one of her novels?

Mr. Karpyshyn have actually done some back ground check on character of Meetra; the author acknowledged her as a powerful Jedi and also her accomplishments. The author respected her talents and this is why he depicted Meetra being able to cope well with the dark side environment of Dromund Kaas even though she didn't possessed Revan like affinity with the Force. In contrast, many notable characters (from future storylines) haven't been able to cope well with the dark side environment of Dromund Kaas, and this list includes Yoda, Ben and Luke. The author also depicted Meetra being able to survive in the extremely hostile environment of Nathema for a noticeable amount of time which is very impressive. During the battles, the author indirectly confirmed Meetra as a highly skilled duelist. In fact, Meetra is the only individual who came close to striking down the Sith Emperor (even though this was circumstantial event but still the author respected Meetra enough to grant her this kind of opportunity).

In fact, Mr. Karpyshyn didn't do justice with his own creation in his novel; he did an extremely poor job at exploring Revan.

I am not sure if Mr. Karpyshyn was pressured by the higher-ups to not explore Revan in great detail but this revelation irks me:

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You do know Chee got on his behind about that? involving Revan in the Darth Bane story, he was not happy at all, but because of the trilogy's success he let it slide.
What the hell was Mr. Chee thinking? He may have backed off due to fear of potential backlash or eventually realized his mistake.


Besides, even Sidious's demise is very anti-climatic.
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