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Some of the things we do with our tanks....

Solo world bosses / Champions *way* above your level (trying to, anyway): This one we use mostly for tanks that are leveling. spend 15 minutes with your heal companion just to get the bastard to 5% then you die....then you gotta go back.... try again. You learn to balance CD's and some INTERESTING ways to lessen damage.

Down-grading gear (ie: half-naked runs)

NiM KP: Solo tanking Jarg & Sorno, but split the DPS so it's REEEAALY fun for he tank

HM Mando Raiders: Tell the tank he is not allowed to AoE taunt with no straight line pulls. Basically he/she can single target taunt, but must LoS all pulls. Gets them in the habit of controlling packs and therefor controlling incoming damage (plus works on aggro building)

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Karraga is your slow kiting test. :P
That only counts if you can kill him on the elevator so his corpse goes up and down
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