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I am thinking you could do a KP Nim run (possibly undermanning a 16 man to make it more challenging.)

On trash pulls you assign two tanks to grab whatever. The rest act as DPS. Since this is presumably a mostly tank group, you can simulate overeager DPS by taunting off them and seeing how long it takes them to react.

Bone Gnasher is your awareness/reaction test. Everyone stands in a cluster except for the current target. The goal is to not cleave the group, and not pull him out of the cluster's melee range. No voice callouts for who has agro.

Jarg and Sorno are used for tank swapping. You can add in additional requirements, for instance: Must be kept as far from eachother as possible. Jarg has a cleave/knockback, you must stand with your back against a wall. Swap in tank groups at will.

Foreman Crusher is the annoyingly easy test of proactive cooldowns.

Use the droid thingy to make them pay attention to their cotank's debuffs. They must use focus target, and call out when the other tanks must taunt off them as quickly as possible.

Karraga is your slow kiting test.

Or you could just run EC Nim, and if they pass that they can probably handle any tank swapping at least. :P