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here is my rating for the diffculty for the whole raid.

1. Withering Horror - TfB (Easiest)
2. Operations Chief - S&V
3. Dash'roode - S&V
4. Operator IX - TfB
5. Titan 6 - S&V
6. The Dread Guard
7. Kephess the Undying - TfB
8. Olok the Shadow - S&V
9. Trasher - S&V
10. The Terror from Beyond - TfB
11. The Cartel Warlords - S&V
12. Dread Master Styrak - S&V (Hardest)

Now the rating for Maurader Class itself.

Withering Horror - TfB (Easiest)
Titan 6 - S&V
Operations Chief - S&V
Dash'roode - S&V
Operator IX - TfB
Titan 6 - S&V
Kephess the Undying - TfB
Olok the Shadow - S&V
Trasher - S&V
The Terror from Beyond - TfB
The Cartel Warlords - S&V
Dread Master Styrak - S&V
The Dread Guard (prenerf)

I think my job in the raid is the most easiest., beacaus as a mara you have only small tools to support your group (like preadtion or bloodthirst). So I see my job here: don't take to much dmg but do alot of dmg.
Prenerf DG were very hard for melee Dps cause of the movment and the overload. But now with hard reduced dmg and Enragetime and life you don't have to stay on Kel'saara all the time.
Dread Master Styrak has no enrage timer, so you can keep your cooldowns for every Illusion which makes it much more easier for your group.
There is only one thing you have to do : max out your Dps to make it easier for your group.

The fight I like most, is Trasher (I play on the outer ring). You can jump around an use ur predation i the right time. Guild @ T3-M4 [DE/EU]

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