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Surprised they just don't use an Aurebesh font to write stuff out and then just cut & paste into graphics where needed. Might avoid all these problems.
I think they did, actually. I think the problem is that since Aurebesh doesn't have lower and upper cases, the fonts they used put the extra letters in the place of certain capital letters. I think the people using the font didn't always understand that, and typed like you would with the Latin alphabet, resulting in some letters being wrong.

That accounts for most of the errors I've found, but that bounty board is really bizarre. I don't know how they managed to invert the characters on both axis while still typing the words out in the proper sequence.

Then there's places where it's obvious they needed a texture and someone was lazy and rushed and couldn't be bothered to at least type "Placeholder" or something so they just facerolled the keyboard.