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08.11.2013 , 05:46 PM | #6
16 man mode

Ops cheif: -easier on 16 than 8
OP9: -eaiser first phase, second phase demands quick movement on colors or raid dies from black obtuse wave
Dash: about the same as 8
WH: harder on 16 man, spit kills you in two ticks and tank damage is pretty high
Titan 6: Not a hard fight until burn phase.
Olak: Tedious.
Trasher: **** that 50%
Kephess: This fight is difficult as **** on 16 man. If you don't get good rng, you don't kill him.
Dread Guard: Because yea.
CWL: Dat timing at the end, roughly the same difficulty as 8, higher raid damage.
TfB: This fight is just not nice on 16 man.
Styrak: Demands perfection on execution, not a crazy dps race though.