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08.10.2013 , 04:36 AM | #125
for 8man

DG Oaceen - omg PINK - Commando - Assault Specialist - 0/10/36 - 2446.5
Log link:
AMR Profile: almost entirely 72 / few arkanian / kell dragon bracers

i know this will eventually be pushed out, but hopefully i'll get some better gear and be the one to push it out

here is the link to the whole upload. i died after writhing horror was killed, but i'm not sure how to find it in the log (if anyone can help?) to cut for submission, so i'm only submitting for DG. this is not my first kill for either, so there isn't an achievement in the log.
oaceen assault specialist / oac scrapper / oacao kinetic combatant / oacianado tactician
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