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08.09.2013 , 10:36 PM | #24
Oh, and not much really new coming out. They really didn't show anything off to us - just said to check out the flash drive.

Q&A was predictable and not much new there, although the biggest cheers came from one questioner who wanted a dummy for people to practice throwing the ball to for Huttball, and he asked for a new hutball map - Being a hutball fan myself, I yelled "HUTTBALL LEAGUE!!!!" and that got the crowd going with that - the cries for more hutball maps got the biggest reaction of the night, and Eric said the sentiment was noted.

Otherwise, not really much to tell, Eric up front said to avoid asking questions we already know the answers to, so case in point, the Super Secret Space Project - yes it exists, yes they are working on it, no, they can't talk about it. (his words).

basically most of the questions were of the minute, nitpicky variety of minuta of pvp, raid gear, dual spec, etc. Its was pretty much different ways of asking the same questions that have already been asked and answered on the forums - not much really noteworthy.