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Lets' be blunt here, SM Czerka labs are not easy. It's IMPOSSIBLE to die into them. (Even in that super easy ''other game'' scenarios, they are mechanics that will kill you if you ignore them)

As a free mechanic to gain tokens, those FPs are a nice addition. Like that ''other game'', they also give something for DPS to do. This said, unlike that other game (which have now 16 scenarios), we have only 2. And it sad to say, but ''that other game'' visuals and even storylines are better than the Labs (1)

(1)This is not to say that the visuals and storylines in the other game are good, but at least, something happens...Czerka storyline seems to be limited to ''super evil dude making unethical ressearch''. Which is a perfectly fine motivation for super vilainy in videogame, mind you. As for the visuals, I can't help but notice than Czerka labs are...labs recycled from similar zones of the game.

NOTE : People also said that they are ''like dignified heroic missions''.. I'm not sure on this, but they seem for me easier than for instance level 50 4-mans mission such as the one on the Corellia daily zone.