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Agreed but if we want a viable community where people can freely pug this option has got to be considered by the devs. otherwise, pugs are going to get shut out more and more unil teams are friends-only.

Is that what they want?
Or they should just scrap the need roll and do it the old fashion way. Round the robin all the way and let player decide if he want to give or sell the gear!

Need before greed is not fair and is blocking people from getting the reward they put into the dungeon, be it gearing up yourself or your companion etc. They have better loot system like the commendation and the loot bag so I dunno why they decided to use the flawed NBG system that is going to create drama over nothing.

Also, this other player put the same amount of contribution as you for the group and if he need a gear for w/e reason, then he is entitle to roll need.

EDIT: I'm amaze at how people think they should entitle to all the loot just because they happen to choose a class that able to use the loot. Before this abomination loot system appear. The person who get the loot would just sell the gear to the groupmate (a mini auction) or he could just grab it and sell it later.