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For those who are curious, and who didn't read my thread in suggestions, here is a screenshot of what the postings look like when you view your activity log. When you are on your FB page, not your news feed but your profile page, the most recent post will show in that recent activity box. Here is a post on G+ that shows the recent activity box. As for what your facebook friends actually see, I'm not too sure because the one person who responded to my asking said she didn't see anything in her news feed.

It will do a 'start to play' post every single time you log in a character, which is unneeded and annoying. It will do a 'join a guild' post pretty soon after you join a guild. It will do a 'level up' post after you have logged out of that character. It will do a 'create a character' post pretty soon after you create a character. The 'guild rank promotion' one did not post for me but I think it's because the character was promoted while offline (I was logged into a different character). The 'create a guild' one I can't test because I already have a guild for each faction.
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