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This parse has been in torparse statistics for quite "awhile". Are you sure these are NiM and not HM?

Is there a way to check from the log if a parse is HM or NiM..?
The combat log date is 24th of July, so it's not all that old. It was however the only kill of those I linked that wasn't done this week. I didn't want to link a HM kill by mistake, so I checked the "Damage Taken" section and compared individual hits I took to those of another parse in this thread since everything does a fair bit more damage in NiM compared to HM (I compared to Carlenix I believe, because I figured comparing with another Sniper/Gunslinger would be the most accurate). All damage I took was (very) slightly lower than that of the same ability in the comparison log, but it seems I was guarded and he was not (judging by the fact that all threat he generated was equal to the damage he caused), so I'd assume the small difference is due to the 5% reduced damage when guarded.
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