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This parse has been in torparse statistics for quite "awhile". Are you sure these are NiM and not HM?

Is there a way to check from the log if a parse is HM or NiM..?
Yes and no. There is a reason you guys made this thread ;-) Torparse cant see if its HM or NiM. Logicly we can't detect it either.

There are some tickoffs to see if its NiM or not:
- Incoming damage(types)
Incoming damage. The NiM versions should tick for way more.

- Having extra NiM adds
If those are not present its lickely HM

- lenght of the bossfight
high dps = fast killtimes on HM. On NiM not always

- number of wipes
If everything is oneshotted in the parse it might mean that the group is just plain awesome. Or they did HM

Basicly, use commun logic. Something that a computer (like the torparsesystems) can't do.