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08.09.2013 , 11:22 AM | #116
The real problem is that raid parses are not an "exact science". We can spend entire weeks debating rules for every boss fight but in the end it all comes down to common sense.

For example, on Olok the Shadow, the current top (and only) parse from Fenrīr ( starts with the line:
20:16:16.308 Fenrīr enters combat.
And after only features Olok the Shadow and his Underworld Arms Trader/Shady Customer adds.
This is because they killed the droid field before the boss spawned and he was out of combat for 193ms which reset the log.
20:16:16.115 Fenrīr leaves combat.
In my opinion this is a legitimate parse.

On the other hand I got parses on the same boss like which start when we pull the Wealthy Buyer and his Bodyguards and feature a 2 minute downtime after we came out of the elevator waiting for everything to come off cooldown.

How do we compare these logs? I can't just cut my start time (violates rule #2).

If I trimmed my log from the point when Olok spawned ( my DPS would be 2072.05, instead of 1827.77. Quite a big difference...

So as I said, I believe it comes down to common sense and this must be handled in a case-by-case basis.